General Wiring, Low-Voltage

General Wiring, Low-Voltage


Pick this if all you want done is to have wire or long cables run.  Price Estimate is based on Per wire run.  It doesn't matter the type of Low-Voltage Wire/Cable (Cat5, Cat6, Network, Speaker, Rg-6 CableTV Wire, Component Cable & HDMI Cables).  Terminations of wire included in estimate.  If you need wire Tech Hourly carries Cat5e, Speaker Wire, RG-6 Cable Wire, & long HDMI Cables on each work van and can sell them to you as needed once on-site.  (Product not Included, price based on typical install time, time will be billed at $98 for first Hour on-site and $49 for every 30-Minutes thereafter).

  • Billing Policy

    All prices based on typical install times. Tech Hourly's Rate is $49 Per 30-Minutes, 1-hour Minimum, Flat Rate no Matter if (1) or (2) Technicians are needed.  Payment is collect at the end of the service visit via Credit Card or Debit Card for actual time used and any materials you've elected to purchase from the on-site technician.

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Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama we have 17 offices throughout the Southeast.  With 40+ Years in tech installation our experience is unmatched.

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